International Criminal Records - Germany

Find information, forms and turn-around times to check criminal records.

Average turn-around time: 17 days

Application Checklist

For an International criminal record check in Germany, you must submit the following information:

  • Completed Application form Download
  • Completed and Signed Authorization FormDownload
  • Special Release Form Download
  • Passport Scan

Information About This Search

The search is conducted at a National level and applicant participation is required based on German Law. The search returns offenses reportable based on Section 32 of the Federal Central Criminal Register Act. In Germany, information on criminal records is maintained by the Federal Central Criminal Register (“Bundeszentralregister”). The Federal Central Criminal Register is a national database of criminal records, set up in 1972 and operated by the Federal Office of Justice (“Bundesamt für Justiz”). It centralized 93 criminal registers of the public prosecution offices at the regional courts, which until 1972 had been maintained by the states and recorded through the Federal Crime Register. The information is recorded on “certificates of conduct” known as “Führungszeugnis”

The process for conducting criminal searches in Germany depends on where the applicant/data subject currently resides. And it may (sometimes) include some additional steps, if the applicant/data subject is a citizen or not. Due to the complexity of these searches and the Data Privacy Laws per jurisdiction in this country, the applicant may directly be contacted for handling.

If the applicant lives in Germany, our researcher will contact them directly and walk them through the steps on how to apply for the certificate at their Town Hall. The certificate will be provided to the applicant directly (or it can be mailed also) and the applicant will have to scan/email the certificate to the researcher once they receive it, so we can verify the authenticity and results.

If the applicant resides outside Germany, a special release form is required. Once the form is completed by the applicant, the certificate will be applied for on behalf of the applicant (using the completed released form). The certificate will be mailed directly to the applicant's current residence address by the government agency. The applicant will have to scan the certificate to the researcher once they receive it so that we can verify the authenticity and results.

Note: Please note that in situations where the applicant is not in-country the certificate will have to be mailed directly to the applicant and depending on the country, time service will be impacted as some country’s mail systems can take months to deliver correspondence.